What Are the Secret Meanings Behind These Award-Winning Crystal Pipes?

What Are the Secret Meanings Behind These Award-Winning Crystal Pipes?

Whether or not you believe in the power of crystals, they definitely exerted some enchantment at this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup in the Central Valley. Our crystal pipes by Be Lit took home the 3rd place prize for Best Glass, despite not technically being glass. These are genuine crystals that you can smoke out of, so they’re bound to raise your frequency one way or another.

The De-Evolution of the Hand Pipe

Hand pipes haven’t evolved an awful lot over the decades. You’ve got the chillum pipes, which have their roots as the preferred smoking solution in ancient times.  Then there’s the ever-popular spoon pipe that’s earned its place as a classic for its simplicity and ease of use but doesn’t often turn any heads with its visual inspiration. Even when glass makers try to get creative with heady glass hand pipes, ease of use is sacrificed for intricate décor. So how do we bring something fresh to the tried-and-true hand pipe design while retaining its benefits? Sometimes, to move forward, you have to step back. And thus, the crystal pipe was born.

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Creating the Be Lit Crystal Pipes

Instead of complicating the hand pipe with more bells and whistles, a crystal smoking pipe takes things back to basics, geometrically carving a generous chunk of genuine crystal or gemstone into an approximately 4” long hand pipe. The crystal is outfitted with a metal screen to hold back the ash and debris and the Be Lit logo is emblazoned across one of the pipe’s facets, but otherwise it’s an uncompromising slab of earth. Think about that for a moment: When you’re smoking with a gemstone pipe, you’re smoking from an undiluted, unprocessed piece of Mother Nature. Even if you don’t consider yourself a very spiritual person, the pure primal nature of smoking from an actual chunk of the earth is a pretty heavy concept. Maybe that’s what kept the crowds lining up around the Be Lit booth this year.

The Spiritual Meanings Behind Crystal and Gemstone Pipes

For those of you open to the idea that crystals have frequencies that can in turn influence the frequencies of our own atoms, we’ll take a moment to break down the properties of each crystal pipe on a spiritual level. While there’s no scientific backing to the spiritual properties assigned to these crystals, the attributes described below are widely believed across the spiritual communities. If you thought the Gandalf pipe was the most mystical smoking pipe on the market, think again.

Amazonite – An amazonite pipe correlates to the throat chakra (which seems like a good chakra for any pipe to connect with). Since the throat chakra deals most prominently with communication, this is a great pipe for those of us who have been struggling to get our points across. Amazonite also has a calming effect, bringing balance to your life where needed while fine-tuning your feelings of compassion for others.

Amethyst – Easily one of our most popular selections of crystal pipes, the amethyst pipe is said to boost your self-control while purifying your mind and thoughts. That may not sound like the best pipe for a wild weekend, but amethyst’s real strength lies in allowing good times without a grueling morning after. An amethyst pipe is also believed to relieve stress while offering protection in general. Amethyst remains one of the most majestic of crystals due largely to its regal purple coloring.

Aventurine (Blue) – If you’re in need of a silver tongue, a blue aventurine pipe could be your best option. Like amazonite, blue aventurine is said to tie into communication, adding eloquence to speech. It’s also a great mineral for bolstering your inner strength and self-discipline, giving you the support you need to break bad habits once and for all.  Do you believe in psychic ability? Blue aventurine is said to be a psychic enhancer, as well.

Aventurine (Pink) – Pink aventurine has distinctly different properties than its blue cousin. If you’re looking to change things up or feel like you need to think of new, improved life choices, pink aventurine is said to be helpful. Smoking from a pink aventurine pipe can also help in balancing your creative endeavors and practical matters. If that’s not enough, this mineral also has a calming effect and imparts a general sense of well-being.

Citrine – A citrine pipe is said to be a good piece if you’re seeking a financial boost. Monetary fortune, success in business matters, and manifestations of abundance are all linked to citrine. It’s alleged that reinforcing your pipe dreams with citrine can lead to solid success, but this type of quartz crystal can also improve family challenges.

Clear Quartz – When you think of a crystal, you most likely imagine clear quartz. A clear quartz pipe is thought to be a mystical amplifier, adding a surge of power to your energy, ideas, and even other crystals. Clear quartz is also rumored to have some serious healing mojo, making it a solid choice as the classic crystal in the public consciousness.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper – A dragon’s blood jasper pipe sounds hardcore… and it is. Dragon’s blood jasper is associated with the warrior spirit, reinforcing personal power and imbuing the user with a sense of courage. That’s not to say it’s an overly aggressive crystal. Dragon’s blood jasper is also linked to joy and has been said to lead to an emotionally uplifting experience.

Fluorite – Generally speaking, a fluorite pipe is purported to bring organization to a chaotic life, sharpening mental ability and physical coordination simultaneously. It’s also believed to be an all-purpose healer that chases off negativity while giving your aura and chakra a good cleaning.

Fluorite (Green) – Green fluorite, like other shades of fluorite, is said to dispel negativity and improve your focus. But a green fluorite pipe is different than a standard fluorite pipe in that it has a distinct focus on the natural world. Because of this, it’s thought to be an excellent crystal for creativity and bringing new ideas and creations into the world.

Gabbro Stone – If you’re smoking for mind expansion, gabbro stone may be your best option. An indigo gabbro stone pipe is believed to help bring insight to your deepest, darkest challenges, imbuing the user with courage and love when facing their shadow. It’s also meant to be a great stone for those with a thirst for knowledge.

Howlite – Feeling stressed? Few crystal pipes are as calming as those made from howlite. Howlite pipes are believed to soothe you mentally. Anger is said to fade away, replaced by patience, understanding and an improved awareness. Some people even regard howlite as a sleep aid.

Jasper – A jasper pipe is thought to put a bit of pep in your step, boosting stamina, endurance and even chi. That’s not to say jasper is a manic type of quartz, since it’s also rumored to help stabilize your energy, bringing with it a profound sense of inner peace.

Labradorite – Change is good, but it’s not always easy. A labradorite pipe is thought to have properties that ease transition, giving you the strength needed to make changes stick. Like blue aventurine, it’s also said to be a psychic enhancer.

Marble – There are a few different types of marble out there but, generally speaking, a marble pipe is believed to assist in cleansing the body while protecting you both emotionally and physically. Having trouble meditating? Allegedly, marble is the stone to turn to, providing not only mental clarity and serenity, but allowing users to recall dreams more clearly.

Obsidian – If you feel like you’re having trouble repelling negativity, obsidian is said to be a great rock to have on you. Beyond letting go of negativity, an obsidian pipe is thought to help with psychic clarity and even protect you from psychic attacks.

Opal – Few gemstones can match the passion of opal. If you’re ready to turn up the heat on your romantic life, an opal pipe is thought to amplify desire and matters of an erotic nature. But this gemstone isn’t all about sex. Opal allegedly promotes loyalty and faithfulness while adding emotional reinforcement.

Rhodonite – If you’ve been suffering from anxiety, rhodonite is a mineral thought to provide relief. Besides replacing panicked thoughts with a sense of calm, a rhodonite pipe is also believed to bring focus when facing challenges and even help you see through deception.

Rose Quartz – While it may not have the raw passion of opal, rose quartz is supposed to be a great crystal for improving relationships, imbuing them with trust and loyalty. On a larger scale, a rose quartz pipe ties into concepts of love on a universal, unconditional level. It relates most closely to the heart chakra, which directly impacts inner healing and spiritual peace.

Ruby Zoisite – Are your heart and mind often at odds with one another? A ruby zoisite pipe is rumored to set things right by bringing balance to head and heart while also promoting gratitude and, therefore, abundance. The result is often a profound sense of happiness.

Unakite – Like ruby zoisite, unakite is meant to heal the heart and mind, lending to a general sense of kindness and compassion. While a unakite pipe can also improve relationships, it’s unique in that it’s been tied to success in the fashion and beauty industries.

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