What a Cannabis Smoker Looks Like

What a Cannabis Smoker Looks Like

You can spot a cannabis smoker from a mile away. As you know, we stoners wear exclusively tie dye clothing, we have a three-word vocabulary that consists of dude, sweet and bruh, and all we do is sit on the couch and eat potato chips.

No matter how far we’ve come with cannabis legalization, we just can’t escape the prohibitionist misinformation of the last century. The film Reefer Madness turns 82 this year – we’re sure many of you have grandparents younger – but its propaganda lives on, passed down from generation to generation like some garish family heirloom.

The idea that smoking cannabis will make you a lazy, confused miscreant just won’t die, no matter how far it is from the truth. The cannabis smoker doesn’t belong to some seedy underworld, skulking in the shadows far away from decent, upstanding people. The reality is, cannabis users come from all walks of life.

We are doctors and nurses, parents and caregivers, construction workers, teachers and the self-employed. From CEOs of major companies, to artists, musicians, and students, and everything in between. Cannabis smokers come in as wide a variety as people themselves, and we’re not lazy or confused. Stoners aren’t unsuccessful low-life’s as the old stereotypes keep insisting. We’re just people going about our business, who love to smoke weed.

Here at Be Lit Brand, we’re committed to the normalization of cannabis use, both medical and recreational. We need to smash the stigma that surrounds smoking weed. Whether that be for the medical patient searching for some much needed relief, or the recreational user who just wants to relax and smoke a bowl after a long day of work, because there’s nothing wrong with either. After all, winding down by smoking a joint or hitting some dabs at home is better than pounding beers at a bar and driving home under the influence. So next time you hear someone perpetuating the stoner stereotypes of yesteryear, remind them: cannabis consumers are everyone.

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