Style Up Your Smoking Experience with Be Lit Smoking Trays

Style Up Your Smoking Experience with Be Lit Smoking Trays

What self-respecting cannabis enthusiast doesn’t love some dank smoking accessories? After all, we are highly refined cannabis aficionados here, not some clueless teenagers. We’re not making bongs out of tin cans or rolling joints off of any old surface (at least not anymore). We’re in the market for quality, stylish smoking paraphernalia.

That’s why we created Be Lit smoking trays. Stylish and functional, Be Lit makes trays to grind up weed, roll joints, or prep concentrates. While a tray might not be your first idea for a luxury smoking accessory, it’s actually the best way to organize your sesh and maximize your stash. You won’t lose any material like you would rolling up on a table or book and you’ll look like you have your life together in front of your friends.

These trays come in adorable designs that can be paired to match your decor and look gorgeous on Instagram. From cool and classy designs like the Leafy tray to the psychedelic ripples of Be Trippy, and of course, the classic, round Be Buddha, there’s something to pair with everyone’s unique style.

Be Lit trays are found in the finest headshops, smoke shops, and dispensaries worldwide, and now you can also purchase them on Dab Nation. You’ll be rolling in style and with ease using these quality joint rolling platforms. They’re perfect for holding all your supplies, like bud, papers, roach card and grinder, all on one easy to clean surface.

Plus, all Be Lit rolling trays come in an array of sizes, like large, medium, and travel, so there’s a tray perfect for every occasion. Be sure to check out the whole line and pick out the perfect tray to enhance your smoking experience, now available on Be Liton!

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