Patch Me Up / Adding Patches to Hats, Jeans and Jackets

Patch Me Up:
 Adding Be Lit Brand Patches to Hats, Jeans and Jackets

Did you just pick up a fancy new patch from our catalog and now you're looking for the best way to get it on your favorite hat?  Backpack?  Artfully ripped up pair of jeans?
We're going to sum up some of our favorite ways to attach patches, their pros and their cons - and just to spoil the end of this post for you... the best and most permanent solution will always involve sewing!


We know!  Glue is the most tempting solution to getting a patch to just ... stick.  The sad reality is that glue, ESPECIALLY hot glue, is a temporary solution.  The heat from the glue weaken the fabric you're gluing it to (which is generally weaker or finer than the fabric holding a patch together) which inevitably means the patch will rip free. 
Once can definitely make an argument for fabric glue: People swear this is their favorite method. It works best if your badges have fabric backs. The “iron-on” backing (like you'll find on Be Lit Brand patches and most patches in general) is slick and will not stay glued.

Hot Iron

Here's the one you were probably expecting to see!  Ironing on a patch seems simple, but there are some steps you can take to ensure that you get the absolute best results from ironing your Be Lit Brand patches on.

  1. Lay the base item on a flat, heat-resistant surface.
  2. Place the patch in the position you chose.  Choose wisely!
  3. Heat up an iron to the hottest setting.  MAKE SURE STEAM IS OFF.
  4. Place a thin towel over the patch.
  5. Position the heated iron over the patch and press down for 15 seconds.
  6. Remove the iron and allow the patch to to cool.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 if the patch appears to lift off the fabric.

The con here is that achieving this with perfect results is WAY harder than it looks!


We told you we would ruin the end of this article!  Sewing is without a doubt the most permanent way to attach a patch to a hat, backpack, jeans or just about anything!  Hand sewing works surprisingly well, albeit taking a bit of skill - we would say that without enough skill the edges can appear to pull up after time, even though the patch is fully secure.

Machine sewing is hands down the pinnacle of patch perfection (how do you think they do it on clothing with the patches pre-attached?) - it is the most secure and will withstand washes over any of the other methods.  

Speaking of machine sewing, weren't you about to call you mom and ask what she's doing this weekend?

The Final Word on Adding Be Lit Patches to Your Gear

Follow our instructions for ironing the patch on, and then hand sow the edges!  That is, unless, you can convince mom that you DO need this Too Lit To Quit patch on the back of your daisy dukes.