Be Lit Odor Eliminating Candles Eliminate Bad Vibes Too

Be Lit Odor Eliminating Candles Eliminate Bad Vibes Too

We like to keep it positive here at Be Lit, but let's face it, sometimes life stinks!

Sometimes it is a problem with a boss or a professor, and sometimes it is more literal than that and ordinary smoke shop candles just won't do. 

Nothing can flip a bad day to good faster than a fat blunt and a top-shelf Be Lit soy terpene candle, made in the USA & inspired by Lit cities, delicious delights, and rich strains of aromatic cannabis from around the world.

Be Lit Brand Odor Eliminating Candles

Be Lit odor eliminating candles are filled with a precise amount of high-quality fragrance oils from a premium source - this ensures that diluents and other chemicals that would otherwise hamper the chosen aroma are not present. 

Unlike some low-grade kush candles, our Worldwide Strain Collection premium soy terpene candles and Be Lit crystal candles produce the same powerful, soothing effect both while lit and unlit -- a testament to the high-quality materials used in each 5oz - 12oz pour. 

Premium soy odor eliminating candles just burn longer and cleaner than paraffin alternatives and the slow, smooth burn time on Be Lit candles ensures aromatic terps for many sessions with effects maxed out until the last drop of wax.

Be Lit Smoke Shop Candles

Soy candles from Be Lit Brand are 100% biodegradable and are always made from vegetable matter, unlike other smoke shop candles that are made using by-products of oil and gas. We know which of the two we'd rather keep lit.

Eliminate bad odors and bad vibes from your positive space with the highest quality soy terpene candles from your grassroots cannabis lifestyle brand - Be Lit Brand.

Be Lit Brand Candles



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