Introducing Be Lit Brand

Introducing Be Lit Brand

We're excited to introduce Be Lit Brand: Check out our Broad Range of Industry Inspired Apparel & Accessories for the Modern Smoker!

Over the past few months we've been working on a creating a new webstore for modern smokers and their aesthetic.  We created Be Lit Brand to inspire, reflect and project the changing face of the cannabis industry!  If you're looking for a fresh new take on your smoke shop favorites, you've come to the right place.  

We'd love to introduce our line of Premium, 10 ounce pour candles, made right here in the USA!  With a Soy Blend wax, a 55+ Hour Burn Time and carefully selected Fragrances, these Candles are inspired by your favorite strains!  

+  NYC Sour Diesel
+  Super Lemon Haze
+  Grand Daddy Purp
+  Girl Scout Cookies
+  Skywalker OG
+  Maui Wowie
+  Bubba Kush
+ Trainwreck

Be Lit Brand Premium Soy Candles

We offer the absolute best of Premium American Made Dugouts - These are handmade right here in the USA and come with the one hitter bat inside!  You'll love the premium look and feel of these one of a kind dugouts, available in either;

Premium Wood or Standard Wood

Wood Dugouts by Be Lit Brand

Sick and tired of the same old rolling trays?  Be Lit Brand is kicking it up a notch with these excellent designs at affordable prices!  Light up your table & get the party going!

Available in 4 sizes!  Check them out here;


Last but certainly not least, we feature what we're most proud of here at Be Lit Brand and that's apparel.  We wanted to create a line that celebrates the spirit of Getting Lit with a clean and modern aesthetic - our industry is changing and as much as we love Bob Marley (we really do), he's not our commander in chief anymore.  Modern Smoker's want to show their support for the industry and lifestyle with pieces that reflect their own lives, their careers and their interests. Check out our full line here!