How to Score a Job in Today's Cannabis Industry

How to Score a Job in Today's Cannabis Industry

According to the leading cannabis analytics firm, ArcView Market Research, the worldwide marijuana industry is becoming fully rooted and is expected to reap a $57 billion annual harvest of revenues by the year 2027.

That means that between now and then, the legal cannabis industry will be undergoing incredibly fast-paced growth and new job and long-term career opportunities will be sprouting up everywhere you look.  

As little as five years ago, some of the top positions in the mostly unregulated cannabis industry were held by people whose professional résumé consisted of how large of a dab they could take, or how much heady glass they owned.


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But today, job titles ranging from the mundane, like ‘accountant’, to the colorful, like ‘budtender’, will need to be filled in higher numbers than ever before as more states and countries begin to experiment with looser medical and recreational cannabis laws.

Here in the U.S., 30 states plus D.C. have implemented some form of state-regulated medical marijuana program, and 9 have taken it a step further and legalized the recreational use of cannabis for adults.

Legal Cannabis States

With this legalization has come some heavy regulation as well as states see just how lucrative legal weed can be and they do not want to lose any of it to the tax-dodging grey and black markets.

This regulation comes in many forms, almost all of them costly to the people trying to get on the right side of the new cannabis laws. Licensing and compliance is a major expense for investors and companies trying to get into the legal market. Cannabis is already considered a higher risk business than most, so these wealthy investors certainly do not want to do anything that adds to that risk as they chase the rewards.

What this means is that recruiters and employers in the booming legal cannabis industry will be under immense pressure to fill tens of thousands of new jobs, but they will be looking to do so with highly qualified individuals, not individuals who think that getting high makes them qualified.

Boasting about how many 8ths you moved out of your college dorm room or how many pounds you pulled out of your garage grow tent might have made the grade in the old days, but not only will that not help you in today’s job market, it might be the reason you miss the opportunity.

According to a piece in the Orlando Sentinel, only about 10% of applicants hoping to enter Florida's new MMJ program are “employable”.


This can be good news for you though... even if you do enjoy taking a toke on your own time.

Look at it another way – if you can get your act together and play the game correctly, you’ll automatically be ahead of 90% of the job-seeking competition.

Most states, like Florida, have stipulations built into their cannabis laws that require employers to perform thorough background checks on anyone they want to hire. In many cases, those with a felony on their record need not even apply, as the new laws will not allow them into the industry.

We certainly do not agree with this, nor do we think that it is fair, but it is the current reality.

Still, ZipRecruiter reports that the total number of cannabis industry jobs posted to their site increased by 18% between 2015 and 2016. The next year it jumped a staggering 448% and it’s only going higher!

So what can you do to separate yourself from the pack and show how eager and knowledgeable you are on the subject, without coming across as the stereotypical "stoner"?

Here are a few tips:

  • Read as much as you can about the industry. Sign up for free newsletters and check in regularly to trusted and reliable industry related blogs and websites
  • You can search for recommended reading lists and curriculums of colleges and universities that offer cannabis-related classes and certifications
  • Attend cannabis industry conferences and trade shows and talk to as many people as possible to build your network
  • Be honest on your employment application – the new legal industry will be just as demanding on results as any mainstream market so don’t list it if you can’t do it
  • …but don’t be too honest – as mentioned above, your prowess in the pre-legal cannabis market is almost never seen as a strength in today’s cannabis industry
  • Remember that an interview is a 2-way street so be sure that you ask them some questions as well to show your interest and creativity. It is a brand new industry, you should be curious
  • Be proud of your employment history even outside of the cannabis market. Passion for a job transcends industries and all work experience can be relative

Finally, it is important that you know that today’s cannabis industry is just that, an industry. Large corporations are making big moves into the marijuana market as we speak and although that creates the opportunities we are discussing here, the whole thing is starting to feel a lot less like a rebellious movement, and more like a cooler-than-average 9to5 job.

There is not much glory left to be had in legal weed, but there are sure to be many fulfilling and lucrative positions for those who are willing to approach the industry with honest intentions and a solid work ethic.

And remember, just because the bar is high doesn’t mean you can’t be too :)

Be Lit!

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