How to Roll a Perfect Joint (Every Time)

How to Roll a Perfect Joint (Every Time)

With all the fancy-shmancy technology out there these days, it's easy to forget that the majority of Americans still prefer a good old fashioned joint!  

CeSAR (The Center for Substance Abuse Research) has some new stats on how the average American smokes - okay, they have stats on those of you willing to take a survey on Cannabis use!  The study overwhelmingly shows that smoking weed is still going strong as a crowd favorite.  More surprising that that?  At 89%, the clear majority of smokers prefer rolling joints.

Joints are quick, affordable and portable, but some would argue that rolling a joint is a true art.  Being able to roll one under any circumstances can win the heart of millions and save the day!  Let's keep you in the good graces of your local sesh posse and review how to roll a perfect joint - every time.

1. Prep Work

First things first!  You need papers of your choice, any brand specifically design for rolling herb and NOT tobacco.  Good examples are brands like OCB, Raw & Elements.  These papers are finer and burn differently than papers meant for tobacco.  You'll find the final smoke to be a better one, with a more even burn and better flavor.

Grind your herb via your preferred method.  Roll yourself a filter.

The filter is much contested - it's another skill that can make or break your joint!  We recommend purchasing a book of perforated filters, but you can use a thick stock paper.  Popular substitutes include the inside of cigarette boxes and index cards.  The perfect size is just about 2 1/4 inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide for most rolling papers.

Folding the tip, or crutch, like this;

2. Set the Stage

Delicately hold the thumb and forefinger together in your non-dominant hand.  Lay the paper on top so that the crease falls between those two fingers, and using your other hand lay the crutch at the edge of the paper.  Make sure the "glue" strip is on the side of the paper further away from you!  You should be able to leave your left hand steady (maybe rest it against a flat surface if you get a bit shaky) - some people like to do these next steps on the table, however, we find that picking it up in one piece is harder than doing the assembly bit in your hand.

3. Fill 'Er Up

Now for the fun part! Grab a pinch-full of herb and compress it every-so-slightly between your fingers before depositing in the center of the fold.  You want to fill the paper lengthwise, but be careful not to over fill it, that makes the next step much harder.

4. The Tuck and Roll

Gently, with your dominant hand (right hand for most of you) grab the tips of the paper over the filter and pinch them closed.  Do the same with your left hand.  Now you should have the paper folded in half with the weed nestled inside (imagine a hammock).  Slowly and gently rub your fingers up and down, compressing the weed inside and forming it to a cylinder.  

Then with your right (or dominant) thumb, roll down and tuck the edge of the paper closest to you underneath the other side - really you're just laying it down across the filter.  Start to roll it back up, making sure the paper side closest to your chest is tucking underneath.  

Stop about a half inch to the edge, and lick the gum strip before rolling the rest of the way.  Gently press along the glue strip to get a good seal!

5. Finishing Touches

Use a pen cap or a poker tool to tamp down the herb in the open end of the joint.  Roll the tip closed.

And now you're ready to smoke!